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I have done a bit of body disposal research and will be working on a cemetery project, which will be documented.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Step 1: Pick out a piece of your property that would be appropriate.

1/4 of an acre lot in Bolinas @ 0 Pine Road

Nona Caspers and I went on a trip to Bolinas, in search of a cemetery, it was a rainy and stormy day.

This is what we found for sale:

1/4 of an acre, with an ocean view for  22,000.

Positives: It is only a 1 hour car trip from SF, amazingly we didn't fall of the cliff. The windy road is somewhat like a labyrinth, as you descend into Bolinas. Places to walk along the ocean for contemplation.

Drawbacks: No sleeping over, no building a house, may lose some of the funeral attendees on the windy roads, car sick, vexatious litigant neighbors.

Conclusion: still looking, any ideas out there please comment

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