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The idea for this blog was inspired due to my dad's death this summer and the subsequent writing of living wills, health directives, etc. for my own...
I have done a bit of body disposal research and will be working on a cemetery project, which will be documented.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Project 0: Help build the first modern San Francisco Cemetery 2011

“At one time, there were probably more than 200,000 graves dug - some more than once - for each of the deceased residents in San Francisco before the year 1900. This was when the Board of Supervisors voted to stop all burials in The City and County of San Francisco, California. The exact number of the interred citizens within The City boundaries is hard to figure because most of the records were destroyed in the fires that resulted from the Great Earthquake of April 18, 1906.” *

Today we announce an opportunity to bring back a cemetery to SF.

There use to be numerous locations throughout The City where different religious groups and organizations bought land for the interment of members. There were Catholic, Chinese, Jewish and Protestant Cemeteries covering many neighborhoods of San Francisco.
This new cemetery will be located in the area between Arkansas Street and Wisconsin Street, with a future entrance at 19th street on Potrero Hill, SF.
It will be non-denominational, all-inclusive, memorializing all mammals.
Currently it is illegal to actually cremate anyone in town or bury anyone in the ground in San Francisco, California. The only exception today is the San Francisco National Cemetery/The Presidio.
Therefore this cemetery will be conceptual in nature, a memorial garden for the local community to reflect and remember.
Please come to our ground breaking meeting:
We're a volunteer-run nonprofit: we rely heavily on people
like you to make the memorial garden what it will be. So we'd like to invite you to our New Volunteer Orientation Day on Saturday January 22 from
10am-12pm. We will meet every Saturday, so if you can't make it this weekend come next.

If you've never volunteered at a garden before, or even if you have,
please come by: we will give a tour of the garden and explain our
mission. After that you can tackle a small project from the list:
weeding, pruning, brainstorming…

Wear sturdy shoes, and bring gloves, if you have them. We provide the tools, beverages and expertise!

Hope to see you there,
The Cemetery Project Team

*For more information and a great page showing you where to find old cemeteries in SF log on to:


  1. Just found this project and I'm very interested in what you're doing! I'm glad there's a community of people forming who care about these things : )

  2. Thanks Sister, Look forward to meeting you.

  3. Isn't it time we change SF Law and bring burials and cremation back to the City. With new advances in composting methods, and reusing the energy from crematoriums, SF should revamp their policies.