The Beginning and More Links

The idea for this blog was inspired due to my dad's death this summer and the subsequent writing of living wills, health directives, etc. for my own...
I have done a bit of body disposal research and will be working on a cemetery project, which will be documented.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bring back crematoriums and cemeteries to San Francisco

Isn't it time we change SF Law and bring burials and cremation back to the City. With new advances in composting methods, and reusing the energy from crematoriums, SF should revamp their policies.

In California, the coffin must be covered by a minimum of 18 inches of dirt and turf, with new advances in compost technology... perhaps these requirements will change, this will mean more people could be buried per cubic foot.

SF should change their laws to allow for burial in the city. Not only would it create spaces for remembrance and reflection, it would also offer needed monetary resources for art, garden, landscape, and people.

What are we waiting for?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Breakfast at the Cemetery Feb. 19

Come Join Us for Breakfast at the Cemetery Next Saturday on:
Bring your ideas and coffee 10 am-12 noon
We have cleared a gestural, curving piece of landscape..
Now we are ready for the sculptural spiraling movements of expression..
The places for memorial and rememberance
Meetup: 1695 18th street (note: different than usual meetup place)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Call for Submissions: Cemetery Art Show

Call for Art Submissions
Deadline: June 23, 2011
G2 Art Gallery is accepting submissions for the 2011 Compost: Cemetery Concept exhibition. We will be hosting indoor and outdoor shows for artists. The show will run for 8 weeks. We are seeking a portfolio of original artwork that is appropriate for a columbarium, cemetery, funeral, memorial, and/or gallery setting.
Eligibility: All 2- and 3-dimensional media are acceptable – painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, mixed media, light, dance, performance, written word, and installation for both indoor and outdoor spaces.
How to Enter: Submit digital images or video/audio of your work, image list (detailing media and artwork sizes), resume/cv and artist’s statement to: the facebook public event page.!/event.php?eid=179985498692698
An artist statement/bio and price list will be displayed accompanying the exhibit.
Submit work that is available or not available for exhibition – sold or unavailable works are accepted on the online gallery. The application deadline is June 23, 2011.
Acceptance: Artists will be notified of acceptance to the physical show in the G2 Gallery by July 7, 2011. The number of artists and amount of work accepted into the exhibition will depend on media, size, and number of entries.
Commission: The artist will receive 80% on any sales of artworks sold through the physical gallery.
Artwork Delivery: Artists are responsible for packing/delivery/shipping and retrieval of works from the Gallery. Delivered works MUST be framed, ready to hang and/or exhibition ready. Artwork must arrive at the gallery no later than five days before the scheduled opening of the show.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sometimes I feel like I am digging my own grave

One thing leads to another: First it was the family cemetery, then the memorial garden and art show, now I find myself wandering around my neighborhood looking for cemetery stones recycled in the local mason work. Bodies recycled as compost, cemetery stones recycled for stairs in the local park...

Laugh at father death, but all this obsession is bringing me closer to my own...

SF General lies on top of a cemetery
Stone found near McKinley Park
Sometimes I feel like I am digging my own grave