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The idea for this blog was inspired due to my dad's death this summer and the subsequent writing of living wills, health directives, etc. for my own...
I have done a bit of body disposal research and will be working on a cemetery project, which will be documented.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Body Disposal as Landscape Art

This is the social sculpture part.
When thinking about our current cemetery practice and its environmental impact on the earth, one realizes the future needs a new solution…
If we could change our cemetery practice to benefit the future generations, 
what would that look like?
More open space, money for large landscape art projects, gardens; orchards the ideas are limitless…
One of the ideas I’ve come up with is burying the dead in the form of a large spiral labyrinth.
Utilizing GPS, we can now mark graves without stones, so the configurations can change.
Here are a few sketches: using words… stories… epitaphs… but the words could be vegetables, fruit trees, solar lights (fading in an out), or just ground cover eroding over time…

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  1. SF should change their laws to allow for burial in the city. Not only would it create spaces for rememberence and reflection, it would also add needed monetary resources for art, garden, landscape, and people.